Buttery, hand made leather bags, made in Bend

Meet your new favorite handbag!

The first week I bought mine, the dog sat on it and used it as a launch pad leaping out of the car. He definitely left his mark on it and I was sad at the time. But the more “misfortune” that happens to this bag, the better it looks! Now, months later, my bag is broken in, form fitted to my body, and its finish has developed complex depth and a rich shine.
These are very durable and hardworking full grain leather bags, designed for a long life of hard use and beauty. Plus, the artist donates 10% of profits to fight human traffic-ing.

They are $185, one of the fancier prices in the shop. And as a person who needs to make the most of her money, I can honestly say, it’s worth every penny and more! For what I consider to be an investment, I have a beautiful, handmade bag I enjoy using every day, and will continue to love for many years to come!