Fine Copper Cuff bracelets with fun, unique details

It isn’t often that a copper jewelry line catches my attention, so when Ken came in with his wares, I was prepared to be unimpressed. But he won me over.
So much copper jewelry has rough edges, feels thin and unsubstantial, and has “seen it everywhere” designs. Not these ones!
The copper is the highest quality, the stamped details are unique and charming, the finish work is beautiful and the prices are very nice.
The inside “secret” details are especially sweet, with little messages, a starry sky over mountains image, and the artist’s signature. You don’t see that everywhere! But you are going to want to see it on your own wrist, or your loved one’s. These come in  sizes and styles that suit all genders and tastes. We have adjustable copper rings by the same artist, too!