What is gold filled?

What’s gold filled? Everybody wants to know! There’s a reason we carry a lot of gold filled jewelry, and earrings with gold filled ear wires. Gold filled is high quality, durable, and affordable! You can get the look and function of solid gold, but not pay much more than you would for sterling silver.

Gold filled jewelry is made of gold – that has been filled! A base metal, often jeweler’s brass, is covered with a thick layer of gold – in our shop it is 14k gold. It is a good choice for people who have skin sensitivities but know they can wear 14k gold, since there is only 14k gold coming in contact with the skin.

You might expect gold filled to wear off and expose the base layer of metal.  But gold filled is quite durable since the gold layer is thick – much thicker than plating. I have never know a gold filled piece of jewelry to wear through to the base metal, and there are many vintage jewelry pieces still being worn that are still all gold to the eye. You can be confident that your gold filled jewelry is going to last, even if you wear it often.

Solid gold is great if you can afford it – and if you don’t mind having an anxiety attack when you realize you left your jewelry back at the hotel room! Gold filled jewelry is a great choice for people who want to wear durable, high quality gold jewelry but don’t want to pay “solid gold” prices.